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Office Rental Questions

It really depends on what you need. 354 On Main Street offers many levels of space from a single desk for a day to offices or dedicated workspace for months or even years.
The best approach is to contact 354 On Main Street. We are happy to set up a tour where you can see the facilities and speak with us about your needs.
354 On Main Street makes it simple. We accept all major credit cards online, checks, checks, cash, or certified funds (sorry no bitcoins).
Yes you do. 354 On Main Street has its own dish for capturing and broadcasting internet radio signals. It is incredibly reliable. We can reach the moon on a clear day (only joking, nobody there wants the internet).
Yes. 354 On Main street offers you as many telephone lines you need dedicated to you.
Yes. 354 On Main Street can provide each of our guests with as much as 30 terabytes of storage on our in-house servers. And we are always expanding.
Yes. We have onsite parking.
Yes. 354 On Main Street has its own Kyocera TASKalfa 5551ci copier, scanner, and fax.
The office is open for tenants 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9 AM - 5PM.
Within reason. A dog here, a cat there…that fine. But, please be respectful of others wishes. Many people are allergic. Many people are uncomfortable with animals. You are responsible for any pets you bring.
Smoking is not permitted inside 354 On Main Street. That includes tobacco, marijuana, or ecigs. (chewing tobacco is not allowed as well)
We do not provide child care services currently. While we love children, these little ones can be a substantial distraction to others. We do not prohibit children. But, we do discourage only because an unfortunate event could occur that would force us to intervene. If you bring children to 354 On Main Street, you are wholly and completely responsible for the children’s care, safety, and well-being as well as any harm however caused related to the child presence at 354 On Main Street.
Yes. But it must be privately broadcasted into headphones, earbuds, or any other system that confines the music to your ears only, unless you are in the media center.
24 hours - 7 days a week
Yes. You are responsible for all guests and associates. You are also responsible to assure they are aware of the terms and conditions and policies of 354 On Main Street.
Absolutely not. But you can wear a tux if you wish. We wear jeans and tee shirts to work everyday. Its great!
354 On Main Street is here to serve you. Got a problem? There is a solution for every problem. We can make you happy!
354 On Main Street’s facility is monitored with video and audio surveillance. We cannot make guarantees other than we will do our best to protect you and your property. Caution and sound judgment are always wise though.
We have strict guidelines for noise abatement and a “quiet” room, the library, where you can relax with your laptop or a good book if you like.
Once again, this depends. 354 On Main Street will strive to meet your needs, but without meeting you and discussing your needs, we can’t know what they are. Contact us and set up a tour. You won’t be disappointed.