Fitness Center and Game Room

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State of the art equipment available for your use. Machines, weights and dumbbells can help you get in the perfect workout.

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Multiple cardio equipment ready for you. If you want to spend 10 minutes or one hour on the treadmill, it's your choice. Spend your free time working out and feel great about yourself.

Fitness Center

Exercise boosts teamwork. The mood-boosting effects of exercise aren't just on the individual level. Your whole teams can enjoy the benefits of being more active during the workday. You know you should exercise, what you might not know is that you can do this at work or even better...during work.need to this at work. Our best intentions can easily fall by the wayside when they meet the realities of a packed schedule, bad weather and a comfortable couch.

How about skipping that trip to the gym and exercising right at the office instead. Not only does working out at work save you time (and help you avoid the temptations of your living room), it’s also a great way to boost your professional performance. Adding a bit of exercise to the workday had a particularly positive effect on employees suffering from anxiety and depression, two conditions that are clearly hugely detrimental to professional performance.

354 On Main Street has an incredible fitness center for a great cardio workout, bodybuilding or weight training. It is a great place to get your workout in at the end of the day or spend a few minutes on the treadmill to clear your head. Exercise will make you feel better and you don't even have to leave your office.

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Game Room

Do you want a place to hang out with your co-workers after a long in our game room. Sit down and talk or play a game of pool or darts. This is the place to unwind for a few minutes during the day or after a stressful meeting.

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Ask us about using the game room for a private meeting or function. Have your meeting with potential clients or customers in a casual atmosphere. We can assist you with your next function....Ask us for details.