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Providing Our Tenants Enterprise Level Internet Speeds

Fiber and Microwave Internet 
Super Fast and 99.99% Up Time

At 354 On Main Street, the internet is fast... mind-blowing fast. We can offer speeds of up to 10G with 99.9% up time. We offer both fiber, wi-fi and microwave, insuring you always have a connection to internet.

Our satellite provides internet using electromagnetic waves, which travel 50% faster than fiber optic cable through the air.

The light in the fiber cable is traveling through a medium similar to glass, which has a higher density than air. Microwaves traveling through air travel very close to the speed of light, helping support the idea that microwave fixed wireless is able to work faster than fiber.

Every business has different internet needs. We will work to customize the broadband solution to meet your business’ individual internet capacity needs.

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