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354 On Main Street focus is providing enterprize level technology and secutriy to our clients.


Both malicious attacks and ransomeware from the Internet can disrupt access to critical digital assets. In businesses where maintaining 24/7 service is paramount, DSM offers advanced security measures to safeguard your data.

    Security Scan by QualysGuard

    354 Main values the security of your system. We devote ourselves to providing users with reliable operating system and services. To guarantee security with a more active approach, our product and service providers are required to adopt 3 party market-leading, reliable vulnerability scan solutions such as QualysGuard, to conduct thorough system scans and implement remediations. These reports are avaible to our clients.

    Service-interface binding

    Our systems will allow you to select which services can be accessed through which network interfaces, ensuring the security of sensitive applications as well as bandwidth for critical services.

    Multiple SSL certificates

    For IT admins hoping to manage multiple domain names from our systems, it is possible to handle multiple SSL certificates from a single unit, making management and maintenance more streamlined and centralized.

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Albert our AI Security Advisor

Manually double-checking system settings for potential security holes is tedious work, and often unfeasible or too complicated for ordinary users. Albert, our AI Security Advisor conducts regular scans to rectify existing problems, as well as to cope with new security challenges when they emerge.

    Remove malicious program

    Detect and remove programs known to cause adverse effects, cleansing your system of any malignant software

    Find weak passwords

    Test the strength of users' passwords against a list of commonly used combinations, alerting them when the weaker ones are identified.

    Audit system configuration

    Examine whether essential security measures including Firewall, DoS prevention, and IP auto block have been properly implemented.

    Secure network settings

    Check if potentially vulnerable services which should be restricted to internal access only, such as SMB sharing, are open to the outside world.

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We Defend Your Data with Modern Security

Your data should be safe and private — no questions asked. Because the Internet is full of prying eyes, we are equipped with robust security tools to prevent malicious attacks and make sure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.


We customize which IP addresses may connect to specific services or network ports according to the address range or even geological origin.

Denial-of-service prevention

Albert will block DoS attacks from the Internet without interfering with legitimate traffic. Human users may still access data or applications hosted on the server.

IP Auto Block

Albert can automatically block the IP address of clients who fails to log in after a specified number of times. Administrators can also set up block or allow lists to better control which IP addresses can access system resources.

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Military Grade Shared Folder Encryption

To secure your business data from potential malicious users, we have adopted the AES 256-bit military grade encryption technology to store your data in a format protected by an encryption key.

AES encryption

Data encryption keeps shared folders on your hard disks strictly confidential — preventing those without the privileges from accessing their content.


Your Data is protected by McAfee for additional peace of mind or to meet regulatory compliance.

2-Step verification

Prevent others from logging in to your account or systems  by requiring a six-digit one-time password (OTP) generated on your mobile devices.